High quality
CompuLink-USA is ISO 9001:2015 certified, our assembly facility uses the latest manufacturing and inspection technologies to ensure our trunk cables meet or exceed stringent industry standards. Additionally, comprehensive test results are shipped with every trunk assembly, and backup copies are stored at our facility for retrieval at any time in the future.

  • High-speed laser cleaving for all ferrule types
  • Digital video end face inspection
  • Interferometry for all ferrules from 1 thru 24 fibers
  • Statistical process controls for key process indicators

Rapid lead time
Our facility and customer service team are uniquely qualified and staffed to provide the best lead times for custom fiber optic trunks in the industry. The assembly operation runs 3 shifts per day providing manufacturing capacity 24/7. In many cases, urgent orders are received and arrive on the production floor within hours. Utilizing paperless work flow and real time order tracking that further enhances our ability to minimize lead times and provide our customers with best in class project support. Don’t let long lead times impact your projects, choose CompuLink-USA Performance Plus Fiber.

Lower cost
Efficient manufacturing, multi-vendor sourcing and 30 years of assembly experience allow CompuLink-USA to provide high quality and rapid turnaround with a significant savings when compared to expensive end to end branded solutions. Performance Plus fiber optic assemblies are available to work with any vendor’s connectivity hardware and provide significant savings in overall project cost. Lower cost with no compromises.

For more information, please contact your CompuLink-USA sales representative at 800-231-6685.